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Why 360 ?


Why  a  virtual  tour  with panoramic  HD  ?

Owner of property for sale or for rent, a trade
Show your property to potential customers,  enhance what you offer,   are the precursors in a new generation of virtual tours now available to alltime and money by limiting visits to real  people who are  genuinely interested

Looking for a property to buy, a vacation rental, a business
Visit houses without leaving your computer find all the details of the villa, apartment or boat of your dreams. a hotel or a restaurant before booking   more surprises when you arrive, you know perfectly the place as if you were already come    Save time and money by limiting travel before purchasing a property   more disappointment at the arrival in your vacation rental

A few technical
The panoramic views of Villa360.net are made ??with professional equipment. More than 40 photos to 360 x 180 degrees taken with a motor head and computer controlled. A blend of rush through a new generation software generates an image of more than 27,000 x 13,500 pixels. Mounting format with navigation option to include photographs, plans, custom links, scrolling text or video overlay

Compatibility Apple Navigation without Flash Playerfor the gyroscopic effect of the latest generation of devices

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